Aidan K


Ph.D. Medicine and Health

Senior Physiologist

Aidan holds BSc in Physiology, from University College Cork (UCC) and Ph.D. Medicine and Health at UCC, Ireland. Researched neuronal signaling in health and disease with a particular focus on Alzheimer’s disease utilizing in-vitro methods. A created novel method for neuronal cell culture in-vitro.

Aidan holds Level 5 Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing, Cork Training Centre, Ireland, and MSc Modules Upper Gastrointestinal Physiology and Lower Gastrointestinal Physiology & Endoanal Ultrasound.

Also, Certificate to Practice as an Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Clinical Measurement Physiologist, at the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Science (IICMS).

Aidan has been trained as Basic Grade Gastrointestinal Clinical Measurement Physiologist, at Mercy University Hospital, Cork, Ireland and currently he is a Senior Gastrointestinal Physiologist, at Saolta University Health Care Group, Ireland.

Aidan’s curiosity and desire to learn and improve can translate to better care for patients. Helping people through really challenging tests.

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