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There are not enough qualified GI physiologists in the UK to meet the growing demand from patients and hospitals, causing a shortage of upper GI testing services, putting excessive pressure on hospital staff and administration. Patients are often unable to get testing done at their local hospital and find themselves having to travel some distance. The restrictions on travel brought on by COVID-19 have made this even more complicated for patients, who may find themselves unable to leave their area at all, and therefore unable to access testing.

GI Cognition can help bridge the gap where needed, allowing patients to get tested at their local hospital or clinic so easing the pressure on the hospitals that do provide this service.

What are the benefits?

  • Hospitals across the UK are dealing with growing backlogs of patients. By bringing our service to your hospital, we can significantly reduce your waiting lists and referral to treatment time (RTT).
  • The mobility of our service means that patients would not have to travel to see a physiologist, cutting down on costs while improving quality of care.
  • Our equipment and testing standards ensure your patients will always have accurate test results and appropriate treatment.

How does it work?

  • The hospital books the patient requiring testing into their own facility – no travel required. The hospital will only have to provide a room and supervisor for the testing.
  • GI Cognition brings the testing equipment, does the testing and produces the report immediately.
  • The instant availability of test reports allows healthcare professionals to make informed decisions promptly.
  • Patients can move seamlessly to the next stage of treatment without waiting, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing stress.

Why Choose us

It can take up to a year for gastroenterology outpatients to receive the treatment they urgently need. Patients can wait months just to get a test and receive a diagnosis, while hospitals incur costs for exceeding waiting time limits. The result is a costly, frustrating cycle that is damaging for patients, sta􀈙 and hospitals. GI Cognition’s mobile service streamlines the referral-to-treatment pathway, significantly cutting down on waiting times and reducing patient backlogs for hospitals struggling to meet the demands of upper GI physiology testing.


Say goodbye to long hospital waits, and, long journeys to receive tests. We come to you for all digestive health assessments.

Expert Care

Our highly trained specialists deliver top-quality care and advanced diagnostic assessments, staying true to their specific areas of expertise

Advanced Technology

We only use cutting-edge equipment to perform only validated factual tests. We do not promote use of science-fiction and research level tests.

CQC Regulated

Committed to the highest standards of safety and quality. We caution our patients for using providers without CQC licence.

NHS Aligned

Offering an enhanced level of service in line with NHS standards. That is why our results are easily used by your both private and NHS clinicians.

Cross Checking Reports

Each individual test is reviewed by at least two experts to ensure highest quality of outcome, eliminating human error.

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